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Professional Tracking Equipment

Traditional radio systems and our OMNI GPS system


We value you and your dogs.  Unrivaled customer service.

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Quick Track products have been bringing your dogs home for over 25 years.

HawkEye Satellite Mapping

Experience the hunt as if you were with the dog.

GPS Tracking

Dogs real time satellite (GPS) position is sent to your map.

Ultimate Flexibility

Track on your smartphone and Tablet.

The OMNI tracks without any CELL SIGNAL.

We know that you are often hunting in remote areas without cell signal – No Problem!

Track Multiple Dogs

Track up to 10 Dogs.

Easy to Use

Easy to use hunter interface

We sell quality

Built with your needs in mind and trusted by over 25,000 hunters, Quick Track is the perfect gear for your dogs.

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Quick Track's GPS Tracking System: CELL SIGNAL NOT REQUIRED


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Only the best features in one awesome product - The Quick Track OMNI.

Bread Crumbs

A visual trail of the path that your dog has taken.

App Based

Unbelievable map detail. Touch screen.  It’s really easy and fun to use!


The Quick Track OMNI looks amazing on all your devices, but don’t take our word for it: test the Quick Track OMNI app by using

Username: demo

Password: demo


Hands down the best GPS tracking system on the market.  Very easy to use.  I never loose connection with my hounds and the map detail is second to none.  I mean you can almost pick out what tree the dog is on, the clarity and detail is unreal.  I would advise anyone to check it out.  Thanks Quick Track for taking the tracking to the next level.
Blake Wyant

Its all about versatility for me.  From my dogs, to my equipment, to my methods; versatility is everything.  The only system on the market that can give me that is the Quick Track OMNI.  No matter the location or the terrain, if I know my quarry is there, I'm there.  With the range, and the exquisite map detail of the Quick Track OMNI, it doesn't matter whether I'm on horseback, truck, or Runnin n Gunnin on an ATV, I know the OMNI is going get me where I need to be; where my dogs are!  With the detailed map I can always find old roads, skid roads, or jeep trails that will get me to my dogs quick.  Everything I need is on one device.  Built by  hunters, for  hunters, for almost three decades.  Quick Track gives you the best customer service; bar none! So, for me, its Quick Track OMNI.  The greatest thing since sliced bread!

Joe Martin ~Host of Runnin N Gunnin~
Runnin N Gunnin Productions
Quick Track OMNI is the best of the best in my opinion. I will not take my hound to the woods without the Quick Track OMNI.  You can't beat the maps and it's always great to see a visual of where your dogs located.  I will never hit the woods without my OMNI, Quick Track you've really outdone yourselves this time, fantastic product and great customer service.  Why deal with anyone else??!!! 
Brandon Bowling
Team HHHC Outdoors