April 25, 2016

The QTR contains the latest state-of-the-art integrated circuitry for maximum sensitivity and noise suppression. It offers clear, audible chirping signals with 30 percent more speaker volume than most receivers. In addition, the back lit signal strength meter responds to the slightest signal impulse for fast, accurate tracking. The meter will also test the amount of battery life remaining on the user replaceable 9 volt alkaline battery.  QTR receivers have a 3 position range selector switch.  Close setting will track up to 1/4 mile, medium up to 1 mile, and long range gives maximum signal reception.  All QTR receiver models come with a 3 year warranty.  Any QTR receiver can be mounted on the 3-element folding yagi or the compact and convenient 2-element Quick Shot antenna.


Models:  *Receiver Only

QTR 6000-Track all of following frequencies 216,217,218,219,220, and 221:  $605

QTR 1000- Track one of the following frequencies 216,217,218,219,220, and 221:  $505

QTR 50- Track 50 hounds upgradeable to 100 channels:  $475

QTR 20- Track 20 hounds upgradeable to 50 or 100 channels:  $445

QTR 10- Track 10 hounds upgradeable to 20,50,or 100 channels:  $415